SEO Packages and Pricing

Affordable SEO Packages That Pack a Punch

We offer three powerful, effective yet affordable SEO Packages to bring increased traffic and top rankings in as little as four months.

The packages vary by the number of services offered and the number of pages targeted. We can also adapt packages for custom needs adjusting the number of keyphrases, aggressiveness of approach and the SEO services included.
Which package is right for me?

Serious Results That Last – We use pure “white-hat” link building techniques so the rankings we build won’t be threatened by future changes to search engine algorithms. The proof is in the rankings — see our SEO Case Studies.

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Total Number of Pages Optimized
(Each page can target multiple keywords)

Up to 5 Pages

Up to 25 Pages

Up to 50 Pages

Price per Month




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Analysis & Strategy

Keyword Research
Website Analysis
Competition Analysis
Search Engine Optimization Strategy
Initial Ranking Report
Competitor Backlink Analysis

On-Site Optimization

Optimize Subpages/Landing Pages
Up to 5 pages Up to 25 pages Up to 50 pages
Optimize Page Titles
Optimize Page Headers (H1 – H4)
Optimize Body text
Optimize Image names and Alt Tags
Meta Description tags
Google Analytics Setup
Creation of Robots.txt file
Sitemap creation and submission
Suggest & Configure WordPress SEO Plugins
RSS Feed Generation
Internal Link Restructuring
Website Structure Optimization
Link Bait Strategy [?]
Blog Post “Ghostwriting ($600/mo separately)” [?]

Link Building

High Quality Guest Posting [?]
Social Media Strategy for SEO [?]
Video Submission [?]
Document Submission [?]
Quality Directory Submission [?]
Press Release Submission [?]
Press Release Writing [?]
Quality Manual Blog Commenting [?]
Product Reviews, Coupons and Giveaways [?]
Video, PDF & PPT Creation [?]
Blog Post Promotion [?]
Reputation Management [?]
Local SEO ($500/mo separately) [?]


Daily Traffic Reporting with Google Analytics
Monthly Search Engine Rankings Report
Client Support (Phone & Email)
Price per Month




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Which SEO Package is Right for You?

Basic SEO Package

The Basic SEO Package is a great and affordable option for a new or smaller website to ensure their site is as SEO friendly as possible and start ranking or improve rankings on up to 5 fairly competitive keyphrases.

Basic SEO Services

  • High Quality Guest Posting - Offering guest posts to quality niche sites in your industry is one of the most effective techniques to increase your search engine rankings and also can be a great source of direct traffic.
    • Research relevant sites with real followings that accept guest posts
    • Write and submit original blog posts, customized for the site
    • Follow up to ensure it goes live
    • Offer product samples to these top niche bloggers for review
  • Quality Directory Submission – Many so called “SEO specialists” will bulk-submit your site to hundreds or even thousands of very low quality auto-approve directories that have long been de-valued by Google. This is a waste of time at best. We suggest only submitting your site to a few top-ranked directories as well as any relevant niche or local directories. Does not include listing fees.
    • Top Ranked Directories – Yahoo, Best of the Web, as well.
    • Niche Directories – Specific industries generally have niche related
    • Local Directories – Local businesses have many opportunities for getting quality links from numerous local business directories
  • Content Submission – We take all the content you’ve created for marketing your company and maximize its value and distribution, submitting it to the top sites for each type of content.
    • Videos (Submitted to Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc)
    • Images (Submitted to Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, etc)
    • Documents and Slideshows (Submitted to Scribd, Slideshare, Issuu, etc)

Premium SEO Package

Our Premium SEO Package offers a powerful suite of SEO services helping you rank for competitive phrases on up to 25 pages of your site.

Premium SEO Services

  • Social Media Strategy for SEO – Having profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other top social media sites isn’t enough. Posting to them randomly isn’t either. You need to understand how to build followers in your industry, and get them to promote your content for you.
    • Suggest cutting edge techniques and tools
    • Help grow your following
    • Get your content shared
  • Press Release Writing & Submission - Press Releases aren’t only great at helping build your brand, but generate powerful links from some of the web’s most trusted sources.
    • Write your press releases if needed
    • Submit your press releases to one or more premium distribution services and AP newswire
    • Guaranteed Google News inclusion
  • Quality Manual Blog Commenting - Though very time intensive, posting thoughtful comments on popular blog posts related to your industry can be a great source of quality links as well as a potential source of direct traffic.
    • Follow blog discussions in your industry
    • Leave thoughtful comments, referencing your services and/or linking to your site
  • Product Reviews, Coupons and Giveaways – Do you have a product or service that you can offer free samples or trial accounts of? We’ll find you ambassadors to share your company with their audience.
    • Suggest popular bloggers and websites that might want to do a review and/or host giveaways
    • Post your product review opportunity to blogger communities
    • Post your coupons to top coupon sites

Ultimate SEO Package

The Ultimate SEO Package offers the most complete and cutting-edge SEO services available, including many cutting-edge, done-for-you services and add-ons

Ultimate SEO Services

  • Link Baiting – We advise and assist you to create content that will naturally build links on its own, giving you an ongoing source of traffic and constantly improving SEO.
  • Ghostwriting – We will write a weekly article and publish it on your behalf on your company blog
  • Video, PDF & PPT Creation – We will create videos, multimedia documents, images and slideshows to distribute on dozens of websites, saving you hours of time each month.
  • Blog Post Promotion – Feel like you’re blogging into thin air? We’ll reach out to relevant social media sites and bloggers letting them know about your posts
  • Reputation Management – Help you raise your ranking for your name or personal name and create multiple page 1 listings to drive down negative or irrelevant links. We also monitor mentions of your company on blogs and forums, comment positively, and bring important discussions to your attention.
  • Local SEO - Rank your site for city-specific phrases. Rank your local business listings for competitive, generic phrases (ie: hotel, doctor, vegetarian restaurant, yoga studio). Enhance your local business listings. Improve and increase reviews and ratings.  (Also offered separately at $500/mo)

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization may be the most cost effective means of advertising available, as it provides an ongoing source of free traffic from people actively looking for the information and services that your business provides. With over 3 billion searches done in Google each day, the value of high search engine rankings is not to be overstated.

FAQ on SEO Packages and Pricing

Why Does Stand Out Designs Publish Your SEO Prices?

You will notice that many SEO Companies do not publish their prices, nor do they clearly spell out what services you are getting for your money. With many years experience, and enterprise-level tools, we know what it takes to get top search engine rankings and believe our clients deserve to see a detailed break down of the services to be offered and reports on the progress and results.

How Affordable are Your SEO Packages Compared to the Industry?

Our SEO Packages are as affordable as any we’ve seen, especially for quality American SEO work. We keep our prices so low by having a well-defined strategy and set packages, while allowing for larger and custom services to be priced separately. For comparison, in an article on SEO pricing, SEOMoz says companies can expect paying between $2,500 and $20,000 per month for ongoing SEO work.

How Long Do SEO Campagins Generally Take to Succeed?

SEO campaigns generally range from 3-12 months, depending on site’s current rankings and competitiveness of the targeted keywords. For the easiest of keywords, we can often get 1st page rankings for a keyword in under a month. Phrases with very high competition can take years of work to rank for, but can pay off with thousands or tens of thousands of targeted visitors.

Our monthly SEO packages focus on providing quality link building services with continued analytics, strategy and reporting. If your site achieves top rankings sooner than expected, we can continue on other keyword targets and no time is wasted.